Wetherspoon pub selling pints for £1.49 – and could be the cheapest in London

A Wetherspoon pub in London is selling pints of beer for a likely record low in the capital – at just £1.49.

The bargain price is far from the norm, with many London boozers selling the amber nectar at up to £8 a pint.

One Wetherspoon pub, The Walnut Tree in Leytonstone, East London, is selling Ruddles Best and Greene King IPA for £1.49.

Tripadvisor commenters raved about the cheap prices online.

“I went out with my friends and we were shocked how cheap and good this place is,” one said.

A Wetherspoon spokesperson said: “Like all Wetherspoons pubs, The Walnut Tree is known for its competitive prices.

“People in the area are aware that the pub food and drinks are fairly priced and that is an attraction as it – good service, a wide range of real ales and no music.

“The cheapest pint is a Ruddles or Greene King at £1.49 and The Walnut Tree is a very popular pub.”

However, earlier this year many Wetherspoon pubs were selling the pints for even cheaper – 99p.

This was due to a super-cheap drinks offer, which ended in February 2022.

Britain’s most expensive beer will set drinkers back an eye-watering £80 per pint.

The Craft Beer Co chain has imported the American craft ale to go on sale at its boozer in Brixton, south London, at £105 for a 750ml (1.3 pints) bottle.

At 11% ABV, it’s a dark, sour brown ale, made by AleSmith Brewing Company, an “artisanal” microbrewery in San Diego, California.

The Reforged 20th Anniversary Ale is aged in a barrel for 18 months and has a thick, syrupy consistency and contains roasted malts and hops, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and barley wine.

It is a fusion of three other beers brewed by the same company- Speedway Stout, which sold on tap for £22.50 at the same pub chain in 2018, Wee Heavy and Old Numbskull.

Earlier this year thousands of Wetherspoon workers began to earn more than £10 an hour for the first time after a mass pay rise.

The 20p pay hike means many Spoons staff are earning above £10 an hour, though exact hourly salaries vary.

The increase in pay does mean all Wetherspoons staff are getting more than the National Living Wage, currently £9.50 per hour.

On April 1 the National Living Wage for workers over the age of 23 went up by 82p to £9.50.

The hourly rate for earners aged 21-22 rose by £9.18 an hour, up from £8.36.

The apprentice rate also went up from £4.30 an hour to £4.81.

In March, The Mirror reported Wetherspoon stopped selling Russian beer following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The much-loved pub chain has said bottles of Baltika Lager – which is brewed in St Petersburg, the birthplace of Vladimir Putin – have been axed at its 870 boozers.

All bottles of the Russian beer – which cost £2.99 – were returned to distributor Carlsberg.