B&M shoppers left chuckling away after spotting naughty dog statue they can’t ‘unsee’

A dog ornament from B&M Bargains has caused quite a stir after a thrifty shopper spotted it at their local store.

For those with more innocent thoughts, the garden statue – which doubles as a handy lamp – simply looks like a small dog helpfully holding a lightbulb. By all means, if this is all you see then please do feel free to display it proudly on your lawn.

However, as previously reported by the Daily Star, a large number of people have been more than a little amused by the positioning of the light bulb, which appears to be protruding straight from the pup’s groin.

To make matters worse, the dog appears to be gripping the bulb tightly with his two paws, a satisfied little stone smile just about visible.

Amused bargain hunter Claire took to the popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK with a pic of the ornament, writing, “My eyes, my eyes. I can’t unsee what I saw. Thanks, B&M.”

A number of other group members soon found themselves in a similar position, unable to unsee the large, upward-tilted bulb, which almost reaches up to the dog’s chin.

One person deadpanned: “At least you will know when he’s turned on.”

Another said: “You know I never saw them that way but every time I see them now I will.”

If you’re after adding a bit of cheekiness to your garden, then this naughty dog can be yours for £7.

A spokesperson for B&M told the Mirror: “We’re delighted to hear that our dog ornament has been turning heads. It’s nice to know he’ll be getting turned on in gardens across the UK after being coupled up with lots of happy B&M customers”.